These terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) apply to every use of the Website https://www.Adspecials.us (the Website ) and all its subdomains. The Terms and Conditions also apply to all other services that are supplied by us.

The Website gathers the most recent weekly ads, flyers, sales ads, discount books, and promotions of stores all over the United States on a daily basis. That way you will have optimal knowledge of deals, offers, discounts, and specials from the ads, and you will easily find that specific deal, discount, or special during the bargain sales or of the stores in your neighborhood. 

Often the latest weekly ads are the first on our Website, even before they are in your mailbox, and of course you can view them at home, at work, in school, or in the store. Save Adspecials.us in your favorites toolbar and save yourself a lot of time and money. Moreover, by reading digital advertisements and ads, you also contribute to reducing paper waste.

In these terms and conditions, we make use of the definition Adspecials.us. Adspecials.us is part of, and holds limited reliability for, private partnership company Kingbee B.V., statutorily based in Amsterdam, holding office at the Wibautstraat 131 D in Amsterdam, registered with the Dutch Business Register under number 58525076. 

Adspecials.us retains the right to change the General Terms and Conditions at any time. By using the Website, the user agrees that the most recent version of the General Terms and Conditions will always apply. In the event that the consumer does not agree with any such change, the consumer may cease the use of the services offered by Adspecials.us immediately. 

Article 1 – General provisions and definitions

  1. The Terms and Conditions apply to all who use the Website and/or application offered by Adspecials.us.
  2. We will send you the Terms and Conditions at your request, free of charge. The Terms and Conditions are also available on https://www.Adspecials.us/terms-and-conditions.html.
  3. In the event that part of the Terms and Conditions are invalid or have been revoked, nothing will change with regards to the validity of the rest of the Terms and Conditions. The invalid or revoked part shall be replaced by a provision that will follow the guidelines of the original provisions as closely as possible. Where a singular form is used in these General Terms and Conditions, the content also applies to the plural term and vice -versa.
  4. In these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms apply: 
  • Adspecials.us: A private partnership with limited reliability Kingbee B.V., statutorily based in Amsterdam, holding office at the Wibautstraat 131 D in Amsterdam, registered with the Dutch Business Register under number 58525076. 
  • User: a consumer or business that has accepted the validity of these General Terms and Conditions by using the Website, or by creating an account on the Website. 
  • Consumer: a natural person, not acting while exercising their profession or acting as a company or business, that makes use of Adspecials.us and the Adspecials.us-App.
  • Providers: a supplier of goods that have come to an agreement with Adspecials.us with regards to the provision of (discount) offers on the website. 
  • Offer: a special offer, deal, online publication, action, and/or brochure of a provider that is published on Adspecials.us and the Adspecials.us-App, for the use of the consumer. 

Article 2 – User guidelines, rules, and regulations of the Website

1. The user may not use the Website in such a way that this violates the interests of Adspecials.us and/or breaches any of the United States or other applicable laws and regulations. 

2. The user may not distribute any of the following via the Website:

  • Pornographic footage, movies, pictures, or other media with erotic contents;
  • Texts or images that are insulting, racist, discriminative, or in any way kindle or spread hatred;
  • Unsolicited advertising (spam);
  • Incorrect or misleading information;
  • Viruses, malware, spyware, or other software intended to cause damage to computers of the Website or of other users.

3. The user is prohibited to create an account under someone else’s name or to assume the identity of someone else in any other way.

4. The user will keep any obtained personal details of other users secret and will not abuse these details in any way. 

5. It is forbidden to approach other users for any purposes of pecuniary gain or profit, other than those for which the Website is intended. It is also forbidden to restrict or deny third parties access to the services that Adspecials.us offers. 

6. If the user is under the age of 18 years old, he or she is obliged to be truthful about their age when creating their account. The services of Adspecials.us are only accessible to minors if they have received permission to do so from their parents or guardians, i.e., it is deemed acceptable by their parents or guardians that the minor can perform the actions concerned independently.  

7. In the event that the Website’s user guidelines are breached, Adspecials.us has the legal right to remove or (temporarily) block the user’s account. 

Article 3 - The platform

The aim of the Website is to offer a platform where any consumer can view relevant ads and offers at any time, based on personal preferences and location. Adspecials.us publishes offers, specials, deals, discounts, and/or ads on its own site or refers the user to the provider’s Website. By purchasing a product or service, the terms and conditions of that particular provider or supplier apply. Adspecials.us does not sell any products itself. It has no contracts with any sales departments of the various advertisers and is unable to mediate in the event of any problems that may occur when purchasing, delivering, or returning any products or services. 

Article 4 – Availability of the Website

We do our utmost best to ensure that the Website and application are available. We cannot guarantee that the Website is flawless or will be available at all times. We do not accept responsibility for damage in any form, or for availability, accuracy, quality, presentation, transmission, integrality, or content of the offered information on the Website. This includes the mention of any incorrect duration of an offer, online publication, action, and/or brochure. 

Article 5 – User account and abuse 

  1. The user must protect the login details of their account and must keep their password secret. We assume that everything that happens on a user account, will be performed by the user, or under the supervision of the user. 
  2. If the user suspects or knows that their account is abused, this must be notified to the Website ASAP so that Adspecials.us can take the necessary action required. The user will need to send a notification to [email protected] immediately. 
  3. In the event that the user wishes to remove their account from our system or unsubscribe from our newsletter, this can be done via https://www.Adspecials.us/unsubscribe-store-updates.html. We will process the request within seven working days. 

Article 6 - Prices

  1. Consumers can make use of our services for free. We may decide to start charging a fee at some stage in the future. We will announce any changes in fees in a timely manner. Should we announce a price change, you will always have the opportunity to opt out immediately and for free. 
  2. If there is a fee applicable for any part of our services, we will clearly mention this on the Website. 

Article 7 - Exclusion

We hold the right to exclude you from our services (partially) or to deny access to the Website. We can always, for any reason, remove accounts. In the event that we decide to cease access to the site or to remove your account, we deny any responsibility for any possible damage that this may cause.

We may exclude access to our services by:

  • Removing an account;
  • (Temporarily) blocking certain parts of our services.

Article 8 - Confidentiality

We are obligated to keep all your confidential information secret. We define “confidential information” as any information where you have indicated this is confidential, or where it is of confidential nature, such as name and address information. Your personal details as described in the General Data Protection Regulation will only be disclosed if we are legally bound to do so. 

Article 9 – Conflict mediation

We are under no obligation to mediate in case of conflict among users. As soon as a user is referred to the Website of the provider, Adspecials.us ceases to be held accountable. 

Article 10 – Responsibility

  1. Any responsibility of Adspecials.us in light of falling short in fulfilling its obligations according to these General Terms and Conditions, unlawful act, or other, is ruled out to the extent permitted by mandatory law. 
  2. Should Adspecials.us be held responsible for damage in any form, this will be limited to direct damage only, up until the amount that would have been paid out by the party’s liability insurance in that particular case. 
  3. Adspecials.us cannot be held responsible for:
  • Direct or indirect damage suffered by using our Website, regardless of whether the claim is based on a guarantee scheme, agreement, or any other lawful principle; 
  • Direct or indirect damage suffered by (incorrect) information provided on the Website, regardless of whether that information was provided by the Website or by third parties;
  • Damage originating from errors by third parties or from the unavailability of the Website for reasons beyond the Website’s control. 
  • Direct or indirect damage suffered because the supply of a provider is depleted.
  • Direct or indirect damage suffered because the obligations from article 2.6 were not (correctly) complied with.
  • The content of the Website, nor that of the Websites that are connected to Adspecials.us in any way, e.g., through hyper(text)link(s) of meta-tag(s). 
  • Failure to receive and process sent emails or other electronic messages in a timely manner. 
  • Content that is offered via push messages, hyperlinks, banners, or other offers by third parties via Adspecials.us and any possible agreements resulting from such links, or any consequences of such agreements and compliance thereof. 

Article 11 - Privacy Policy

  1. We protect your personal details in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information, you can check the Privacy Policy on our Website.
  2. By creating an account, using the App without an account, and by visiting our Website, personal details will be supplied to Adspecials.us. These personal details will be processed to confirm the privacy statement of Adspecials.us and the applicable laws and regulations and can be requested or deleted by the user at any time. 

Article 12 - Indemnity

By using the Website, You indemnify us for liabilities, claims, and damage compensation of third parties. This liability limitation does not exclude our liability in the event of intentional or deliberate recklessness. 

Article 13 – Intellectual property

  1. All intellectual property rights with regards to Adspecials.us and the App are solely based on Adspecials.us and may only be used by explicit written permission of Adspecials.us.
  2. Intellectual property includes at least all patent rights, trademarks, tradename rights, database rights, design rights, domain names, know-how and trade secrets, and other rights of intellectual property in the Netherlands or any other country connected to the Website Adspecials.us and/or Kingbee B.V. The use of (parts of) the content on Adspecials.us is possibly subject to further conditions, which are assumed to be known and are to be observed.
  3. You may not sell or exploit any content of the Website under any circumstances. 

Article 14 – Complaint & Disputes

  1. Should you have a complaint about the Website, you are requested to send this to us by email via [email protected]. Please supply your (full) name and address details along with your complaint. We also request you give us a clear description of the reason for your complaint and any suggested solutions. Complaints will be processed within seven working days. 
  2. Should a dispute arise between the consumer and/or supplier and Adspecials.us, The Dutch law system will apply. Under those circumstances, the Amsterdam Court holds the authority to judge the dispute. 

Kingbee B.V.


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