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Nearly expired leaflets and offers

On this page we have listed all ads and specials for you, that have almost expired. This means that the specials from these offers won’t be available anymore in the short term, but you can still take advantage of large discounts right now. You can also find some hot deals that have nearly expired on the brand pages of a leaflet, flyer, brochure, or ad. Do keep in mind that flyers and ad specials are usually valid for up to one or two weeks only. This is not the case with digital magazines: these often either have an expiration date of a month, or they are published once every three months. Of course there are also many special ads or flyers that are only valid during a specific promotional period, sale or theme period. Think of Black Friday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. The validity of these offers has an adjusted lifespan. If you are planning to visit the store, or you’re about to place an order online, always make sure to check our “nearly expired ads” section first, with our handy sort-function and don’t forget to input your location so that you can also view and search for any nearly expired specials and deals in your neighborhood or in any specific location of your choice. For the real bargain hunters that always want to be in the know about every special deal or offer, we have created our newsletter or notification service. You can sign up for these services free of charge! That way you will be kept in the loop of any last-minute deals, daily specials, and online–only deals.
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